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Pendleton Smith. Trace and Skip Tracing. London UK

Producing accurate results on over 95% of all Trace and Skip Trace Enquiries.

Pendleton Smith. Trace and Skip Tracing. London UK

Our highly sought after and highly successful searching system will

find the missing person that you are looking for.

All we need to get started on a

Trace / Skip Trace

is a full name and a rough location, we would obviously ask for as much detail as you have as even the slightest detail can sometimes break a case.

We have access along with one other company to the

UK People Finder, a patented system

holding over 500 million names, addresses and birth dates.

Now people are opting out of the electoral roll coupled with the fact that we are living in times of nomadic renting, overwhelming debts and a throwaway society the UK People Finder system is becoming ever more useful. We also have

access to Marriage and Death files, Electoral Roll and reverse Electoral Roll files & Directors Reports.

If you are trying to

conduct a Skip Trace, locate a debtor, looking for a friend, looking for a relative

or if you have just lost contact with someone we can help you to find them worldwide. We have located people in Spain and France and even in America and Australia.

The No Trace No Fee Myth?

Pendleton Smith. Trace and Skip Tracing. London UK

We do not operate a no trace no fee service

as this is illogical, infrequent and above all, inaccurate.

A no trace no fee agency will attempt to 'pitch' for your business \ enquiry and then

only check basic records on a computer from free public access files

while attempting to amass a 25% percent figure. These results will be unchecked and unverified, and the negative results will be returned to the client with a decisive NO.

Logically why would anybody work for free? The answer is that they are not working they are just checking a free database on the internet.

These unverified results will always leave possibilities as well, think of how many John Smiths are living in your town?


effectively carry out a trace enquiry

one needs to obtain a highly accurate and constantly updating system like the UK People Finder, make the checks and then verify the address by way of a simple door knock or telephone call. This is the reason that we decided to patent our system.