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Producing clean & discreet footage with quality results.

We undertake

Video and Audio surveillance for many covert and overt operations.

We can assist you with a one man matrimonial operation along with a twenty man corporate surveillance\counter surveillance team.

We have assisted clients with

covert video footage in London, Manchester, Birmingham

and most major Cities. We can assist you with an expert investigator or detective from anywhere in the UK. We have also covered major investigations throughout Europe and the Americas.

Every Pendleton Smith Investigations staff member has Army or Police training along with a specialist unmarked car with

satellite technology and covert camera equipment


We now also have the use of unmarked transit style vans which can

record for 24 hours while unmanned,

obviously the potential of these vans cannot be paralleled.

Matrimonial & Family investigation.

UK Surveillance Detectives London

Maybe someone close to you is

behaving oddly

or is just increasingly distant? Maybe someone is acting 10 years younger or just

hiding their mobile phone and receipts.

When confronting someone is not the correct option, then

discreet surveillance

is. It can provide a much needed alternative to endless blame and denial. Discretion is paramount to us along with the need for

good quality evidence


we do not assume and we do not judge.

We have also proved cases of non-infidelity, in other words when the spouse has been completely innocent.

We have

Female Private Investigation agents

and we have the latest

body-worn, covert video and audio surveillance equipment

enabling us to enter shops, restaurants and night clubs, even toilets if this is what is needed to gain and submit the evidence. This comes at no extra cost to you.

We can also

prove co-habitation

for estranged family, this can and will gain a Divorce Petition through the court system as well as lowering or gaining any maintenance and family payments.

We will provide you with a clear pricing structure along with our recommendations for the number of agents and the equipment needed.

We also have access to the best Family Lawyers in the country who understand your needs and can provide you with clear cut legal advise. Many of these lawyers will also provide you with references for us.

London Based Corporate investigation.

UK Surveillance Detectives London

We can use our services to ascertain any

information needed on an employee, colleague or rival company,

we will prove through surveillance a pattern of behaviour, thefts, living arrangements, future employee background and fraudulent sickness leave.

We also undertake 'mystery shopper', new employee placements and investigations into underage sales of alcohol and cigarettes.

Obviously we tailor each operation to your needs.

Insurance based surveillance package.

We can offer you one or two man surveillance teams to covertly film a claimant on their day to day activities, obviously this can lead to a major conviction as well as saving thousands in compensation payments.

We now offer the service of a

one day, 10 hour surveillance package

with two investigators.

This package is designed as a prerequisite to a future fraudulent claim investigation.

We will use the ten hours to determine whether the claimant is actually in the situation and position that they are claiming and whether a full long term investigation is needed to prove this.

This also provides us with a view to the equipment needed and also to show us how aware the claimant is of investigation.

If the investigation is utilised on an effective day -a hospital appointment for example - then the investigators may be able to prove the fraudulent claim, again saving time and money.