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Prompt Accurate and Efficient UK Process & Document Servers

If you need a UK Process Server you need to have full confidence and reassurance, we will supply you with a process server within one hour. This can be at your office, chambers or any court within the UK.

Unlike other agencies we do not charge extra for Serving respondents in the major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dublin.

We will also produce a correct, informative report and affidavit, obviously this can be faxed to any Court or Chambers before it is sent. We have offices throughout the UK and as such we do not need to use lesser known Process Servers or Private Investigators and Detectives, this will only push the prices of service up, normally through hidden costs.

We have a long history of serving process from Witness Summons to Statutory Demands we will make every possible effort to serve the documents in time and in the correct fashion. We also serve Documents for a fixed inclusive fee and we do not have hidden charges and extras.

Such is the demand for Process Serving due to our aptitude and reliability that we proudly set up a dedicated UK and Europe wide Process Serving Company - United Kingdom Process -.

United Kingdom Process has gone from strength to strength and now services many of the major UK institutions and has even had its own press release .

Fully versed in the Hague Convention, Affidavits & the Woolf Reforms

Pendleton Smith are proud to sit at the cutting edge of the Process Serving industry and we are fully versed in the Woolf Reforms, the Hague Convention and changes to Affidavits, Statements & Declarations.

We can offer you a good service backed up with responsive accurate affidavits and reports.

We can of course accept Documents through the post or by Fax and Email where appropriate.