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UK Private investigators & Surveillance Detectives London Essex Kent

Enjoy A Blue Sky Future, A Satisfying Career & Run Your Own Business

Do you want to become a UK based Private Detective or Investigator and be your own boss? You can learn professionally from highly qualified, seasoned professionals with full support and guidance.

We can show you how to become a Private Investigator Detective or Process Server working for Solicitors, Insurance Companies and Corporations and become part of a rewarding adventurous and satisfying group.

Forget 'Following Housewives'

We have all heard the clichés of following housewives and business men around and while this is a part of Private Investigation it is a drop in the ocean compared to the challenging assignments a real Investigator undertakes. There are Road Traffic Accidents to record, Scenes to examine, Prison Visits, Fraud Investigations, Repossession Work, Serving Overseas Process, the list is endless.

A good solid base can also make you the first port of call for investigation and intelligence in all regions of the UK.

We can confidentially undertake a professional two year covert operation as well as supplying a process server in under an hour, this is what any budding agent should be aiming for.

Be Your Own Boss

UK Private investigators & Surveillance Detectives London Essex Kent

Most people dream of paying themselves their own wage and working the hours which suit them, this is the industry where is not only possible but a necessity, there is no need for overtime and making someone else more money.

You work when you want and how you want, a forty hour week in private investigation would reap more rewards then working in an office or for a company.

Sound Advice

We will also GUARANTEE to enable you gain work and meet contacts in this industry who will be willing to sub-contract you work knowing you have completed a worthwhile and extended education in the field.

We can also arrange for you to spend a day and train with a real detective or investigator to hone the skills for your imminent entering into the industry.

We are also available for you to discuss your cases, ask our general opinions and offer you advise after you have completed your course, this is live contact on the telephone and not simply be email.

Where and how do I learn?

UK Private investigators & Surveillance Detectives London Essex Kent

We can arrange a range of consultants, UK private investigators, agents and detectives.

We also have female private investigators and Process Servers who are fully experienced and able to guide any personal or sensitive operations just as, if not more capable then many male UK based Private Investigator, Process Server and Detective Companies.

Relevant Fee Structures

We can offer you training from our very own manuals which have been expertly written by former Military and Police personnel, these books have been approved and updated over time to keep up with the constantly changing legislation and laws passed by government.

They contain all of the knowledge you will need to start your own career within the fast moving and exciting industry.