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UK London Fraud Investigators, Background Checks, Mystery Shopper Detectives

Investigating the fastest growing crime in America, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Whether using an Escrow Service, purchasing a car from EBay or buying something from an e-shop

we all need reassurance from time to time.

UK London Fraud Investigators, Background Checks, Mystery Shopper Detectives

We can undertake a visit, have an insignificant conversation or even

make a test purchase from a reputable buyer,

seller or anybody else who is trading online.

There are also thousands of 'Spam' emails and cold telephone calls every day, while there are no doubts that some of these may be genuine there is a lot of

Scams & 'Blags'

from which unscrupulous people will use to obtain cash and bank details from innocent web users.

Confidence Scams and Non-Existing Products

The most common scam we come across is people from different counties being ripped off for money, this is because they wrongly believe the buyer cannot reach them, obviously this is where

we will act on your behalf

at first visiting the seller and then leaving them with a very simple choice - return the funds or the police will be following our visit to arrest you.

The normal choice from the seller is obvious.

UK London Fraud Investigators, Background Checks, Mystery Shopper Detectives We also investigate cases in which

people meet online and start a relationship via emails, texts and telephone calls.

People find themselves wondering if what their friend is telling them seems true and when the alarm bells do start to ring or money is all of a sudden requested we can visit them, their residences and their work places to check out the story, this can bring peace of mind and long term happiness.

Counterfeit Goods and Sub-Standard Purchases

Counterfeiting is the practice of

manufacturing goods, often of inferior quality,

and selling them under a brand name without the brand owner's authorisation.

UK London Fraud Investigators, Background Checks, Mystery Shopper Detectives

The Counterfeiting, fake goods industry, sometimes called

the fake goods or black market is a huge global phenomenon.

Goods are made in counterfeiting factories operating at the same scale as the real factories, or even on a larger scale.

Mobile phones, clothes, shoes, televisions and even mobile air conditioning units are being made fraudulently and illegally, and

the total loss faced by countries around the world is over $600 billion.

We have undertaken operations for many firms and individuals throughout

Europe and the rest of the world.

We have uncovered small scale money making operations being carried out in a garden shed and also went as far as to discover a counterfeit shop completely designed and fitted in the same a style as a well known brand store.

Naturally these are highly conceptual and

complicated undercover investigations requiring ‘mystery shopper’ type enquiries

as well as

freight surveillance and background enquiries.