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Pendleton Smith. London Criminal Defence Investigators

The background and experience for you and your clients.

We can undertake any

Criminal Defence work from statement taking and scene examinations to prison visits and fraud investigations.

Every one of our agents have been

trained in the Police, the Military or have specialist security backgrounds and training.

You can rest assured that we will do our very best to

defend you

by producing swift, correct statements, accurate background checks and fully briefed and

confident dynamic investigators.

Case Study

London Criminal Defence Investigators. Statement Taking.

We had been assigned to undertake investigations into the

wrongful arrest and subsequent imprisonment of a young London man

who had been accused of multiple stabbings in the

London, Kent, Sussex and Bristol regions.

The young man could not prove his whereabouts at the time of the crimes and did not want to disclose where he had actually been.

He had also been


into saying this on tape and the Police were now using this fact as their main incriminating evidence.

We immediately assigned an agent to be present at the next and each and every interview to

advise the client

and we also took our own

confidential interviews

with the man, this led us to uncover more evidence and also gave us the leads we needed to make our own successful investigation.

Pendleton Smith Investigations proved

that the man could not have been at two of the crime scenes and we also took statements from several witnesses who we first


We also managed to

Trace and Serve another three witnesses.

These witnesses then attended court and gave evidence in favour of our client.

This incredible weight of evidence produced in favour our client obviously put doubt into the minds of the jury before the case was eventually dismissed.

The client has since written to us thanking us for our hard work and attitude towards him, he informed us at the time of his imprisonment that he thought he was going to be found guilty and imprisoned for life.


London Criminal Defence Investigators. Statement Taking.

We are also prepared to

fight your case long before it goes to court,

if you have been accused of committed a crime that you are innocent of we can help you avoid prosecution altogether, sometimes avoiding court altogether, and substantially lowering your chances of being found guilty.

We can also negotiate with the Police on your behalf. We can help you with the Police to

lower the charges being raised towards you

or persuade the police to even drop the charges. The police will not charge you if they think that they do not have the evidence to convict you or if they believe that we have the evidence to acquit you.

We will put our

experience to work for you, our aim is only to see that you obtain the correct result.

This is achieved by

Case Preparation, Legal Researching, Correct Background Investigations,

our substantial experience and influence and by correct negotiations.

Correct negotiation means that we have on numerous occasions proved wrong lying witnesses, proved illegal arrests and proved illegally obtained evidence. We have also

challenged and won cases by proving incorrect Police Protocol.

Make us your number one choice for wrongful arrests, wrongful imprisonments and miscarriages of justice.