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Delivering UK Private Investigation and Detective Services within London and beyond.

If you need a packaged solution from a

London based Private Detective or Investigator

you need to have full confidence and reassurance, we at Pendleton Smith investigations are fully qualified, educated and appropriately licensed investigators. Our Private Detectives are actually based in London and provide a clear service for commercial and private clients.

We are proven to be and we have testimonials to prove that we are the

number one private detective and investigation company in London, England and the UK.

We can provide a

Central London private investigator

that is established, well read and highly efficient.

We have been proven to produce the results you need in

Surveillance, Tracing and Skip Tracing, Criminal Defence, Internet Fraud, UK & European Process Serving, Intelligence and Debt\Car Collection.

Our approach is different in that we specialise in consultant driven services along with fully, correctly and swiftly produced evidence and accurate reports and statements.

Recognising that no two clients are the same, we vary the rate and methods that we contribute to achieve a balance of consultancy,

investigation and detective resources

to focus on delivering a solution that meets your requirements.

Make us your first port of call for

investigation and intelligence in all regions of the UK.

We can confidentially undertake a professional two year covert operation as well as supplying you with a process server in under an hour.

Sound Investigation Advice for London

UK Private investigators & Surveillance Detectives London Essex Kent

We will listen to you and try to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements and the needs of you or your business.

We can then use our expert knowledge to identify and guide you through your options.

We can also have an expert

London private detective or investigator

tailor a whole job to your needs bringing an

investigative solution

that is hard to establish elsewhere.

London Surveillance Specialists

Our Private Investigators many years experience in undertaking Surveillance within Central London and beyond.

London is quite rightly recognised as the hardest place to undertake surveillance due to the volume of traffic, both people and cars.

Our detectives are trained and highly experienced at gaining video and timed footage within bars and nightclubs in London and the Home Counties.

UK Tracing Agents and People Finders

In the modern Britain and the UK people disappear; it is an unfortunate but true fact.

There is an estimated 7 million people in London at the very minimum and finding someone can seem like a logistical nightmare but we are here to help.

We can undertake Trace Enquiries that range from finding a distant relative, a Debtor or a witness needed for as court case.

We use the very latest patented technology and from our Central London base can get up to date results.

Central London Based Detectives & Investigators

We will research and evaluate solutions using

in-house London Detectives

that we believe can meet your needs including the timescale for the project and its budget.

Private detective and investigation companies

come in all shapes and sizes, and our extensive experience working with a wide range of clients, large and small, gives us a clear cut and practical idea of what we can do to achieve best value for you.

We have offices in most locations throughout the United Kingdom and we can instruct an

approved Private Investigator or Detective

at very short notice in locations in England and the

UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Scotland, Ireland, Wales.

We also cover all of the major airports and ports.

Presenting Clear Investigative Options and Choices

We can arrange a range of consultants,

UK private investigators, agents and detectives.

We also have

female private investigators and Process Servers

who are fully experienced and able to guide any personal or sensitive operations just as, if not more capable then many male

UK based Private Investigator, Process Server and Detective Companies.

Relevant Fee Structures

Cost Effective UK Private investigators & Detectives London

We will present you with a menu of options unique to your project and its needs with which you can make an informed decision about

instructing a London Private Detective company

The more time and resources we expect to contribute to the delivery of the options that you've chosen, the greater the investment you will need to make - it really is that simple.

Larger projects will benefit from a face-to-face meeting whereas on smaller projects it is usually sufficient to exchange a few e-mails or telephone calls to get the ball rolling.